Communicate using envelopes with neutral CO2 emissions

Let them know: By using our envelopes you improve your company’s image when it comes to the fight against global warming, where you can print on the envelope that it has a 100% neutral impact on global warming.

Carbon neutral – What does this mean?
Tompla is the first European manufacturer to calculate the carbon footprint in all of its production processes (raw materials, transport, conversion, print, etc), as well as having it verified by Bureau Veritas according to ISO-14064-1.

We have calculated, with precision, the CO2 emission for each of our stock items, we have then offset this carbon footprint with reforestation via the "Clean Development Mechanism" of CooperCarbono in Tanzania-Uchindile-Mapanda.

This Reforestation Project follows the guidelines of United Nations "Clean Development Mechanism" including information of the participating farmers, the approved species, GPS co-ordinates of the forests and the carbon absorption ratio.

For this reason, with the purchase of your envelopes we can send you a certificate of the CO2 offset which guarantees that your envelopes are carbon neutral.

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What advantages are there for my company?
When you calculate the carbon footprint of your company you have the guarantee that the envelopes you buy from Tompla have a NEUTRAL impact of CO2 emissions.
How do i obtain my carbon neutral certified envelopes?
It could not be easier as by ordering any of Tompla’s stock items you will have your usual envelopes with a CARBON NEUTRAL certificate.
* More information about the review carried out by Bureau Veritas: