Carbon Neutral

A solution for every envelope requirement

Tompla can design, manufacture and print any envelope, wallet or pocket even those which many manufacturers prefer not to make and also those which nobody has manufactured. Each envelope gives shape to an idea.


Stock items

Available in 48 hours

Three hundred different stock items, 100 million envelopes permanently in stock serving a host of specific machines.

Tompla provides efficient solutions, offering an immediate response in every case.


The complete envelope solution

Window and non-window envelopes created especially for automatic inserting machines, security pockets, special pockets for X-rays, pockets for internal correspondence, Jiffy bags for fragile items and lots more……


Direct marketing

Envelopes with single or multiple windows, jumbo envelopes with side strips and holes with detachable coupons and tabs or zip-like tear strips, envelopes with additional pockets with games or surprises, simple or double reply envelopes (envelopes micro- perforated in the centre to make two envelopes) or a reply deep flap envelope (envelope with an extended closing flap to be used as a coupon) or the bangtail (envelope with an extended and folded bottom flap to be used as a reply coupon) and even circular and triangular envelopes.


Bespoke makings

Wallets and pockets for photographic and pharmaceutical companies, wallets for travel tickets and boarding tickets, pockets for mailing publications, paper bags for quality textile products, envelopes with gussets and small envelopes to contain special products.


Specially designed envelopes for inserting machines

Envelopes tested for mechanical insertions.

To produce the best envelope also means passing the most demanding quality control tests: automatic inserting machines which examine objectively the envelopes one by one as the most demanding customer.